Meet Hoosier Academies K-8 Virual and Hybrid Staff

Head of Schools - Dr. Byron Ernest

Academic Administrators

Dr. Chris Chalker K-12 Hybrid

Chief Academic Leadership Fellow

Jill Landers

Instructional Coaches  

Lacy Spears and Lindsay Krieger



Jenn Lyons, Alissa Davis. Alyson Keefer, Not Pictured: Tracie Lane


1st Grade

Brian Sturgeon, Ashkea Simone, Nicole Scott, Not Pictured:Gail Frazier

2nd Grade

Elizabeth Breeden, Cassidy Thomas, Toni Beriault, Emily Chamberlian


3rd Grade

 Tamera Baugh, Angie Baker, Rachel McDaniel, Alexandra Anderson, Kelsey Sherman


4th Grade

Aimee Campbell, Andrea Dammier, Brandon Johnson, Not Pictured:Adrianne Iszler


5th Grade

Kristen Rhoton, Amy Nichols, Berry Wells, Carlie Coblentz


6th Grade

Lynn McCoy, Corrie Barnett, Ann Semon, Amanda Case, Jennifer Mesanovic


Middle School - 7th and 8th Grade

Mallory Kindig,Tami Dodson, Melissa Strange, Greg Blatz, Marcy Groulik, Corey Berry, Heather Jenkins, Adrianne Elizando, Ryan White, Not Pictured: Eric Harnish, Khrista Watson, Elizabeth Williams, Tracie Johnson, Haein Kwon


Special Services/Title 1/ELL

Director Of Special Education-Patsy Woods,  Title 1 Coordinator-Dana Smith, K6 Case Conference Coordinator-Erica Stephens, Gena Sparks, Related Services Coordinator, MTSS Coordinator-Jena Davis,  Not Pictured ELL Teacher-Satvinder Juss

Special Services Teachers

Nicole Schadek, Nikki Lynch, Jesika Pease, Melody Coffey, Jennifer Wolpert, Amy Henderson, Kelsey Peterson, Meagan Knight


Title 1 Teachers

Sara Brooks,  Brenda Culbertson, Kris Phillips, Lisa Scheider, Kristen Bauers, Lauri Thompson, Tamara Mickens


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Family Academic Support Team

Kent Martin, Antoine Lewis, Danyette Smith, Carol Sepaniak, Not Pictured: Cherie Sanders, Jinny Houser, Bethany Lechlitner, Megan Trumm, Timothy Wright,


K-12 Hybrid Counselor-Paul Runyan, Community Coordinator-Rachael Borrelli, Chief of Staff to the School Board-Nadina McFann


Operations Manager - Kathy Coe   Enrollment - Bobbi Van Howe  Registar - Teresa Sandifer,  K-6 Office Administrator-Kathleen Stanley, Virtual Nurse - Leese Estep, Not Pictured: Rosa Hodges



Where do I start?

  1. Log in to the Online School (OLS) and set up a student account

  2. Watch orientation videos

  3. Attend the Learning Coach University

  4. Connect with the virtual school community by participating in an online club or local event

You will hear from your school representative once the school year starts. But by going through the steps outlined above, you will have already completed many of the tools needed to get your school year started.

Get Connected

Hoosier facilitates and provides peer-mentoring, academic support, and discussions to students and their families. Many of our parents have established wonderful relationships and learned valuable tips and tricks from other parents through the Learning Coach University.

A wide range of extracurricular clubs and programs at the national and local level provide numerous socialization opportunities to students. Many of our students enjoy participating in local and national clubs. We offer a wide variety of options throughout the summer and school year.

K12 Curriculum—What to Expect?

The award-winning K12 curriculum brings lessons to life with a rich mixture of online and offline teaching tools, including interactive animations, award-winning printed books with beautiful illustrations and narrative, original CDs and videos, and materials for hands-on experiments. In addition, lesson plans for each subject are integrated, so your child may be reading literature from the same time period as the art or history lesson he or she is studying.

Elementary School

Your young learner will require your time and guidance to help him or her with completing schoolwork. This is a precious time for you and your child to engage in learning and exploring together-discovering the wonders of reading, math, history and science. In these early years of learning, your student is establishing important foundations for future academic and personal growth.

In elementary school you will work closely with your student's teacher to complete the daily lesson plan and monitor your student's progress and attendance. Your teacher is there to help you and your student, so please feel free to reach out whenever you have questions. This partnership with your student's teacher will ensure your child's ongoing success.

Middle School

Students become more independent in middle school, and begin to take more responsibility for their own learning with each passing year.

As part of his or her academic program, your student may be required to attend "Class Connect" sessions, where they will receive direct instruction from teachers and interact with peers.

In our Middle School program, your teacher will also work with you to ensure your child is progressing as expected academically. As always, please feel free to bring us your questions as you have them.

More Questions

Have additional questions about getting started with us? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.