Meet Hoosier Academies Virtual and Hybrid High School Staff

Head of Schools - Dr. Byron Ernest 


Academic Administrators

9-12 Virtual-Dominique Franklin and K-12 Hybrid-Dr. Chris Chalker


Chief Academic Leadership Fellow

Jill Landers

English Department

Greg Heitert, Mallory Kindig, Becki Nunnally, Stacey Kennon, Lorie Pietz, Amy Royster, Janon Khaja, Alexis Wyman, Deidre Laker, Not Pictured: Mary Graham


Math Department

Dr. Nivan Saada, Jennifer Clark, Theron Martin, Debalina Siddeeq, EJ Swartz, Erin Fyffe,  Sherri Kerr, Jacob Goodman, Saba-Na'Imah Berhane



Steve Hurst, Amanda Atkins, Erinn Drone, Amber Mason, Alexis Keevers, Jade Jones, Jordan Kelsy

Social Studies

Brian Nash, Lumi Smith, Brad White, Steve Bowers, Ross Tierney, Stephen Giannotti

Elective Teachers

Not Pictured: Molly May, Gina Pullen


More From Your High School Counselors and Advisors

Paul Runyan, Thomas Christenson, Jim Stanbrough, Jessica Griggs, Jennifer Kiefer, Erica Sgroi


Family Academic Support Team

Kent Martin, Jamie Rangel, Shannon Poindexter, Carol Sepaniak Not Pictured: Bethany Lechlitner, Megan Trumm, Timothy Wright

Special Services/Title 1/ELL

Director Of Special Education-Patsy Woods,  Title 1Coordinator-Dana Smith, Gena Sparks, Related Services Coordinator, Brenda Coley-Special Education Case Conference Coordinator, MTSS Coordinator-Jena Davis, ELL Teacher-Satvinder Juss

Special Education/Title 1 Teachers

Susan Pylant, Annie Wickersham, Joan Hutchinson, Kathleen Tatone, Kris Phillips, Carol Crawn, Tamara Mickens, Sarah Meyer Not Pictured: Heather Boylan, Vicki Brandenberg


Community Coordinator-Rachael Borrelli, Chief of Staff to the School Board-Nadina McFann, Nurse-Leese Estep, Operations Manager-Kathy Coe, Enrollment - Bobbi Van Howe,  Registar -Teresa Sandifer


Where do I start?

  1. Have your learning coach log into the Online School and set up an account if they have not already.  Then, ask your parent mentor to help you set up your student student account.

  2. Watch orientation videos.

  3. Check out the “Get Started” tab for in-depth ways to prepare for a great school year.

  4. Listen to a High School Jump Start session to learn what it takes to be successful in High School.

  5. Start thinking about college and career -- it’s never too early to start and we’re here to help!

  6. Connect with the virtual school community by attending an online club or local event.

High School Jump Start

Get a strong start on high school when you attend a High School Jump Start session! In this recorded session, you’ll meet K12 teachers who will provide you with a warm welcome and an informative overview of how online high school works at your K12 school. You’ll also get to meet other high school students who are on the same journey as you and excited to learn about your great new school experience just around the corner.  Click here to listen!

Learning Coaches: Their Role and Support for You

You will be working most closely with your teachers to complete your daily school work, but the role of your learning coach is still very important! Your learning coach is the adult in your life who is most involved in your educational experience. For many students, this person is a parent, but for plenty of students, this person can be another adult whom you and your parents trust with this responsibility. To learn more about that responsibility, encourage your learning coach to attend an online national orientation. In these orientations, learning coaches can learn great ways to support you and connect with other new and experienced learning coaches.

High School Information and Orientation Videos

So you want to know how online high school works? Check out the video links below. You can hear about it from your fellow students across the country or just go straight to the basics of the online school (what we call the "Learning Management System" or "LMS"). Better yet, try both! More videos will be coming soon!

Learn how to use the online high school here!

College and Career Preparation

Check out the College and Career Workshops schedule


Wondering where to begin when it comes to thinking about life after high school? Eager to explore your college and career options? Looking for support to make post-secondary decisions?

K12's College and Career Workshops are the perfect place to start!

Almost every week, we connect you with the information and resources you need to identify your interests and make informed decisions about life after high school: college, careers, and beyond. These live online workshops cover issues like making the most of high school, planning for and completing college applications, deciding what to do after graduation, and hearing from career professionals from a wide array of exciting industries.

More Questions

Have additional questions about getting started with us? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.